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About Us

Earth Mart is planted with a very full heart to help people take a step by step transition to more mindful living. Our approach to sustainability is to make it easier for people to begin their journey towards a low waste, low impact lifestyle.
To live a low-waste life, we know exactly the challenges most of the people might face when it comes to changing the lifestyle. You may find it hard to make lifestyle changes that last, to realise the true value so it can also be financially sustainable, to spend time and effort making things yourself and to seek after ethical products that are hardly accessible.
With our interpretation, we realised people have different definitions, reasons and approaches toward sustainable lifestyle. It is fine for all of us to make small practical changes and be focused. Not yet too extreme  in this early stage, we decide to compromise on the product selection and variety. We hope to positively offer more conscious alternatives for individuals with different types of sustainable lifestyle. No matter you stand for zero-waste, recycling, organic produces, minimalism, veganism or someone who just enjoy life, you can find something that match your values.
Here at Earth Mart, the door is open for everyone who wants to find peace of mind and be responsible for our planet. You do not have to fit in the mold of 'organic or zero-waste living' to enjoy products at Earth Mart. By letting people experience responsibly yet beautifully made products allows them to be inspired and unforcefully perceive the reasons for living sustainably and help them decide whether they want to continue partially engaging or fully committing to this lifestyle. Any level of commitment is meaningful to the big change. With small but steady steps, we can live a full life and be kind to our mother nature.
Living a sustainable life is not a trend, but a rising movement.