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Supersoft Mioliners - 100 Liners

290.00 ฿

100% gentle, 100% biodegradable and 100% plastic free. Super soft nappy liners which are designed to make reusable nappy changing easy and fuss free!

100 x liners per pack
Liner size: 22cm x 30cm

Watch VDO: How to Use a Nappy Liner

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  • - Designed to repel liquids to keep baby dry and comfortable.
    - Retains solids to help reduce soiling of your nappies.
    - Made from 100% viscose.
    - 100% biodegradable - helping preserve our environment.
    - Perfect for newborn delicate skin and suitable for all skin types.
    - Can be used with all types of reusable nappies.
    - This product is vegan friendly and is not tested on animals.

    - Place the nappy liner flat on top of your nappy.
    - Do not fold the nappy liner, it must remain as one single layer.
    - Change the nappy liner with every nappy change.
    - Nappy liners can be composted or disposed of in a bin when wet.

  • Made from 100% viscose*
    100% biodegradable - helping preserve our environment.

    *Viscose is a type of rayon fiber that is made from natural sources such as wood and agricultural products that are regenerated as cellulose fiber.

  • - 100% biodegradable – helping preserve our environment.
    - Vegan friendly
    - Not tested on animals

    Over 60 awards and 50 countries worldwide; Bambino Mio is the largest and most accessible reusable nappy brand in the world. Bambino Mio may have grown in size but the core family values remain the same, to manufacture high quality, simple, reusable nappies and associated products and make them accessible and affordable to all.

    Guy is also heavily involved in the Nappy Alliance which he founded in 2003 and holds the position of Chairman for the Alliance. The Nappy Alliance brings together manufacturers and distributors of reusable nappies under one body to represent the industry, dealing with political affairs and campaigning to both central and local government.