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Cleansing Facial Brush

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1,190.00 ฿

Gentle Face Massaging Brush & Stand

Use Alder New York’s Cleansing Facial Brush to stimulate skin and boost the efficiency of your Everyday Face Cleanser. Made with over 1.25 million gentle nylon bristles and an ergonomic palm grip handle for ultimate pressure control and comfort. When not in use, store this vegan massaging brush in its sleek stand.

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  • Ingredients / Materials
  • Green Info
  • How To Use
    Wet brush, then apply your favorite cleanser/ Everyday Face Cleanser. Use daily. Allow to dry between uses. Read our article on How to Clean Your Cleansing Facial Brush for more information. 

  • Made of PBT plastic and nylon. Recyclable, BPA free plastic stand. 

    Packaging - Paper box

  • - Vegan
    - Cruelty-free
    - They are currently in the process of making several changes to the packaging, manufacturing, and shipping to better meet their goals.

    5 key strategies for Alder New York to reduce our carbon footprint. 
    - To avoid the use of petroleum derived products including plastic and other petro-chemicals in our products, operations, and supply chain. 
    - To use 100% clean, green energy for transportation, manufacturing, and operations 
    - To use technology responsibly and lessen our burden on internet servers for energy use. 
    - To continue our tenant of veganism and not use animal derived products in our products, operations, or events. 
    - To support organizations and businesses that share our common goal of reducing our carbon footprint and reducing climate emissions.