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Dear customers, due to COVID-19, our site is not yet fully operated as some products are not in stock.
Dear customers, due to COVID-19, our site is not yet fully operated as some products are not in stock.

Artisanal Soap + Shampoo Bar - Moroccan Oranges & Cinnamon

475.00 ฿

Moroccan Oranges & Cinnamon - Our own vibrant version of a popular Moroccan dessert with sliced oranges, orange blossom water, sprinkled with sugar and cinnamon, this soap will comfort and revive you like a good holiday that you know you needed. Essential oils of refreshing citruses brighten, while cinnamon polishes away dead skin cells and moisturizes. Sounds like your perfect vacay.

Ador Soap is a Taiwanese owned, small batched, rustic, and artisanal soap brand that is hand-crafted in my own lab. Each soap batch is personal and special.

approximately 120g (will vary slightly due to hand-cutting)

  • Details
  • Ingredients / Materials
  • Green Info
  • Ador Soaps are great for your entire body and your entire family! Even babies will love these soaps (except the ones with scrubs or menthol). Ador Soaps are ultra-nourishing for your face as well as your hair.

    For your hair, simply rub our soap directly on your hair until it lathers as you like, and comb through all your hair with your fingers (it will be very soft to comb) until everything untangles, then rinse as you would a normal shampoo. Follow this step with your favourite conditioner, and your hair will be happy like never before!

    Care: The care should be taken for longer lasting soap. We recommend cut the soap in half and use up one half at a time. Thoroughly dry it between each use.

  • Ingredients:
    - Extra Virgin Olive Olive (imported from Italy)
    - Local organic cold-pressed coconut oil (supporting Thai farmers)
    - Nourishing plant-based oils like rice bran and sunflower seed oil (high in vitamin E to nourish the skin)
    - Natural ingredients found right in our pantry, like organic ground coffee beans, cinnamon, and mung beans!
    ++ Powerful yet gentle pure essential oils right from the farm for uplifting and calming scents without synthetic perfumes
    +++ To color these soaps, I use natural ingredients like spirulina, kaolin clay, australian pink clay, european green clay

    Packaging: Recyclable Paper wrap

  • - Plastic-free
    - All-Natural
    - Cruelty-free
    - Vegan
    - Handcrafted