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Organic Cotton Socks - Tan-Green Ankle

359.00 ฿

These unisex socks are made from natural color tan-green organic cotton. There are no dyes used on these socks - the plant fiber is naturally tan-green. Ankle socks reach just above your ankle. 

Color: Made with tan-green grown cotton.
Sizing: Medium (women’s US size 7-10) and Large (women’s US size 10.5-12)
Sizing: Medium (men’s US size 7.5-9.5) and Large (men’s US size 10-12.5)
Carbon Neutral Product

Pack of 1 Pair
Origins: Organic cotton grown in USA, spun in USA, knit in USA.

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  • Green Info
  • Organic natural tan-green cotton
    Not all cotton is white. Certain varieties of cotton are naturally tan-green. These varieties are less common than white cotton varieties but have been grown around the world for thousands of years. Harvest & Mill organic cotton socks are knit with USA grown organic cotton and are always made in America.

    Wash cold. Dry low. Color intensifies over time and washes.

  • 88% organic cotton 10% stretch nylon 2% elastic.

  • Low impact fashion and CO2 reduction
    Since natural color cotton does not need to be dyed, we can greatly reduce the use of water, energy and dye materials.
    Increasing biodiversity
    Cultivating different varieties of cotton increases biodiversity. Biodiversity is essential for ensuring healthy ecosystems and keeping our planet resilient in the face of climate change.