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Circular Cup - Black & Giggle Pink 8oz

749.00 ฿

Meet Circular&Co. Cup. The reusable coffee cup like no other
Introducing Circular&Co. Cup; world's first reusable coffee cup and travel mug made from recycled paper coffee cups. 100% leak proof, 360-degree drinking experience for full aroma and push open - one-hand opening for life on the go. The reusable cup we've all been waiting for.

Join the circular economy revolution and enjoy aromatic, hot coffee on the go without the leaks!

Size: 8oz / 227ml
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    Finally, there’s a travel mug that’s been designed with practical portability in mind. This cream and green Circular&Co. Cup won’t leak, ever. It keeps your drink hot or cold and you can pick it up without scalding your hand. You can easily open it and take a sip while you’re on the move with one hand. Even better - the drinking experience is great - you never have to drink your coffee through a tiny hole ever again. Plus every purchase of a Circular&Co. Cup funds a sustainable solution to global waste - it’s made from recycled coffee cups.

    Circular&Co. Cup is BPA free, dishwasher safe, leak proof and designed for a 10+ years lifetime. Our reusable cup measures 340 ml. It has a height of 168 mm with, and 144 mm without the lid. The diameter at the base is 64 mm and the lid has a diameter of 84 mm, so it will fit in both your car cup holder and under most coffee machines!

  • Made from: Recycled paper coffee cups (about 40% of the cup)
    Packaging in a cardbox

    Instruction and Care
    Push open push close: Circular&Co. Cup® is open when the push button is in its down position and closed when raised. As a guide, when you can see the moulded line on the inside of the lid Circular&Co. Cup® is open.
    Fill line: To avoid spillages when you put the lid on, ask your barista not to fill above the marked fill line.
    Ouch: Hot liquid over 65°C can cause steam pressure to build-up inside a sealed cup. If the push button becomes stiff to operate due to pressure build up, loosen the lid first to relieve the pressure. DO NOT FORCE the push button as liquid could spurt out
    Dishwasher safe (top shelf), easy to clean Circular&Co. Cup® is only watertight if the seals and mechanism are kept clean. We suggest that you clean your cup after every use and can’t be held responsible for leaks if foreign objects become trapped in the seal or mechanism.  DO NOT MICROWAVE! ​ If needed you can pop off the push button for better cleaning access.

  • - BPA free
    - Designed for a 10+ years lifetime.

    Better for the world: Every purchase of an Circular&Co. Cup is funding a sustainable solution to global waste. The outer thermal insulation layer of Circular&Co. Cup is made from used paper coffee cups. Every one of us throws away 350 paper coffee cups each year on average. By switching to Circular&Co. Cup you save these from landfill and contribute directly to the recycling of the used coffee cups that slip through the net. Plus it’s been designed for least 10 years use and is 100% recyclable in the UK’s curbside recycling system.

    A cup you really can recycle: There is a big difference between recyclable and actually recycled. Other reusable cups may claim to be recyclable - but they’re often made from materials that you can’t put out with your household recycling.  For example, most local authorities can’t process Silicon which features heavily on many reusable cups despite it being a recyclable material.

    How to Recycle my rCUP
    Firstly, we will do everything possible to help you extend the life of your Circular&Co. Cup. If the seals of your cup eventually degrade and leak, just call us and we will replace them - they are easy to switch over. If the mechanism fails, just call and we can supply you with a new lid. If your cup does eventually need recycling then you can just place it in your curbside recycling. All local recycling facilities accept and process Polypropylene which is why we’ve used it throughout Circular&Co. Cup. The small stainless steel spring in the mechanism will be picked up within the sortation process and recycled separately.