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Selène Dress - White Cocoon

5,623.00 ฿

Selène Dress - Handspun hand woven matka silk

This is a story about the fluidity of fabric and the fluidity of movement possible by wearing these creations. A story about artistic values. About caring and empathizing and wanting to create the best, the most true to life, the most real. Each piece is unique. Each fibre breathes. Search for the imperfections, these testify to the essence and quality of handwoven material.

All pieces are made from the softest organic hand loomed and spun cotton and bamboo fabrics. To keep the ancient art of khadi alive.

To support local farmers and weavers. So we can all experience breathable, long lasting clothing, that dances on our skin. These fabrics become more and more beautiful with time and wear.

Product of France

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  • About Rosey Stone
    Our brand supports a sustainable lifestyle because the fabrics are made from certified organic cotton and bamboo, hand spun and hand woven entirely by hand. We work to support this ancient art of weaving which is 100% eco friendly as it leaves no carbon footprint . We encourage slow fashion , minimalism, and owning only few, sustainable long lasting good quality versatile comfortable garments which can travel light and become softer with each wash and wear.


    - Machine washable. Maximum 60°C wash
    - We recommend the conscious choice of 30°C

  • 100% White Cocoon / certified organic cotton and bamboo

    This garment has been dyed with colour that has been extracted from plants, flowers, minerals and pigments in eco-friendly processes. These are a gift of nature.

    Please note that on some instances, the lack of chemicals can result in amall colour runs, or fading in areas where the natural mordant may not have taken to a certain fabric 100%.

    By embracing this process rather than sacrificing it for a superficially perfect product, together, we are making a different to our environment and our own well-being.

  • - Ethically made
    - Plastic free
    - Certified organic material
    - Handcrafted
    - Slow fashion
    - Dyed with natural colours