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Tumeric Wellness - Botanical Infusion Tea

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750.00 ฿

Turmeric, rosemary, citrus peel, ginger, black pepper

Flavour notes : earthy, soothing, bright
We joined forces with cookbook author Heidi Swanson to bring you this exclusive wellness blend. Together we formulated a tea to support the changing of the season and safeguard your immune system. All ingredients are sustainably harvested and cultivated without the use of chemicals.

Leaves and Flowers is a California based tea company offering a unique selection of handcrafted botanical infusions and premium small batch teas

22-24 servings in 3oz (85g) Rice Paper Pouch.

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  • Leaves and Flowers is a tea company that emphasizes the beauty and abundance of herbal ingredients produced in California. We hand-craft signature herbal blends, as well as procure organic small batch teas. The company was founded in 2014 by Anna Morton and Emily Erb.

    Anna and Emily utilize locally grown botanicals to create their infusions, in hopes of offering a botanical experience that honors the beauty and lore of the plants. Inspiration comes from the plants themselves – the mythology of their medicine, their potent leaves, delicate flowers, and the intoxicating aroma and flavor they release when infused. Leaves and Flowers botanical infusions are produced by hand in small batches in their California workshop. Herbs are freshly procured from local farms, then sorted, dried and blended by hand. The climate controlled drying room is designed to preserve the plants at the peak of their vitality. Once the herbs have been dried, they are stripped from the stem and stored away from light and air to maintain their impeccable vibrancy. When blending, herbal ingredients are kept as whole and intact as possible.

    Leaves and Flowers Camellia sinensis teas are sourced from around the world and chosen for their impeccable quality and flavour. Like the herbal drying and blending methods, much of Camellia sinensis harvesting and processing is carried out by hand. Buds and leaves are hand-picked, then skillfully oxidized, pan­‐fired, rolled or fermented to achieve the desired result. All of Leaves and Flowers botanical infusions and teas are loose leaf, and sustainably grown and harvested.

  • Turmeric, rosemary, citrus peel, ginger, black pepper

    Packaging - Rice Paper Pouch

  • - Handcrafted
    - Sustainably grown and harvested
    - Plastic free